Extraordinary Living

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We all have the extraordinary coded within us-waiting to be released. ~Jean Houston

Good Morning! Welcome to a brand new day filled with new possibilities. All this week everything has been pointing to extraordinary living. This thought came to my mind earlier last week; if you want to experience extraordinary living, you can’t keep doing ordinary things!

We must have faith to STEP OUT! Yes it’s scary, the unknown is not a comfortable place but the time to breakout is now! This means whatever calling you have on your life start today, YES TODAY on your path. When I first began my journey of motivating people I was focused on bigness; meaning I was consumed in how many people were liking statuses or reading a post. If a lot of people didn’t comment or respond I felt defeated.  I was focused on how much money motivational speakers make etc. However, a revelation came that  it’s not about bigness but IMPACT! Focus on the impact of your calling. Whether you change 1 life or a million lives, it’s the impact you have in your calling to affect others positively that makes the real difference. The one life you impact may impact a thousand more!

Extraordinary living has nothing to do with material possessions; they can be stripped away at anytime. It has everything to do with our LifeWork.  What I found interesting is the definition of “cursed” which means “to be under”. Living constantly “under” is a curse (THAT”S DEEP)..living under-loved, under-motivated, under-passionate, under-joyed, under-peace, under-happy…is a curse because it’s constantly living beneath the life you were intended for. When you were born on (insert your birthday here) you were born at that precise moment, on a precise course, for precise experiences, to complete a precise work.

Make  February 24th your day to start making your impact no matter how great or small. Want to write a book…start the outline, want to help others..find a place to volunteer, want to lose weight…go for a walk, want a degree.. find a school & enroll, want to start a business..write out a business plan and set 3-6-12 month goals, want to get your spiritual life in order…go to church, and commit to reading the word. ……WHATEVER EXTRAORDINARY LIVING LOOKS LIKE FOR YOU START TODAY!  It’s already coded in you waiting to be released.

Today’s ReCoded Message: ENCODE to Extraordinary Living!

I’m fired up for your purpose…are you?


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