Higher & Higher: Elevate your Perspective

“God how I hope the problems of my own tiny life don’t blind me to everything.”

~Hemingway & Gellhorn

Oftentimes some of the most significant life lessons occur to me when I am travelling; especially when I fly. My husband surprised me with an awesome trip to New York City for my birthday. As we boarded the plane  the weather became dreadful. It was dark and gloomy, pouring down rain, and nothing but dark grey clouds filled the sky.  We begin to prepare for take off and the flight attendants began the safety demo, shortly thereafter we began our ascent. After rising to our desired altitude I looked out the window and noticed the sun beaming bright, the clouds were the purest white I’ve ever seen, and the sky was a radiant blue. A very stark contrast to the doom and gloom weather we were experiencing on the ground below. It was during this moment I realized how important it is to rise above the ground level perspective of our lives to an aerial view.

An aerial view provides the full picture, it moves past only thinking about the right now, and considers what’s to come. It’s a proactive approach to living life, instead of being reactionary and trapped in the rat race of life. A race that can easily lead to constantly spinning the wheel of life with no clear destination or desired end in sight. It was so amazing that when we were elevated our conditions changed, in the same way we have the ability to change others along with ourselves and transform our personal atmosphere.

Our perception becomes our reality, even when it is based on false notions. We are constantly surrounded by small thinking people, in small thinking environments which are not conducive in fostering elevated thought practices.  We must continue to consciously aim for a higher, and greater perspective on life. We must ascend our thoughts, behaviors, values and expectations to experience a life of fulfillment. No matter what situation you are in, things begin to look different when you change your perspective.

Take off to an Elevated Perspective by practicing the following behaviors:

  • Look at the Full Picture: It’s not just about the right now, think in terms of the full picture
  • Set a Desired Result: What would you like to achieve (improve relationships, help more people, think more positively)
  • Practice more Positive and Affirming Statements: Catch yourself! When you are about to take a trip down negative lane
  • It’s a Process: Don’t expect to change overnight
  • Ascend to a Higher Level of Spirituality: Take a moment to meditate, read the bible, pray etc. to remain spiritually grounded
  • Devote your Time to things that Matter: Although relative to each individual spend time on things that will make a difference to you and to others

Today’s ReCoded Message: ReCode from small thinking to an elevated perspective


2 thoughts on “Higher & Higher: Elevate your Perspective

  1. I love this so much. I’m a flight attendant, and from here on out I’ll think of your beautiful observations on every take-off. Thanks for greatly enhancing the rest of my career!! xo

    • Hello!!! Thank you so much! Flying really gets me in a more conscious state of awareness. Thank you so much for letting me know how this encouraged you. I wish you peace, blessings and safe travels :<) make today positive!

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