PPN: A Lesson from the Dolgan People

Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and go do it. Because what the world needs is more people who have come alive

~ Howard Thurman.

      I’ve recently begin watching the Discovery Channel’s Frozen Planet. It is a great natural history series that highlights tons of wildlife,  various cultures, and captures the magestical wonders of nature.  The latest episode I watched was titled “Life in the Freezer” and featured the Dolgan people. The Dolgan’s are known as reindeer herders, they live in extreme freezing conditions where every day task such as getting food can prove to be life threatening.

     Toward the end of the episode the narrator made a very profound statement that immediately resonated with me. During his excerpt about the Dolgan people and their survival he stated  they must possess 3 things: patience, persistence & nerve (PPN). What an awesome testament to how these 3 characteristics can help us survive and prosper in our personal lives.

Patience: Patience is to endure discomfort without complaint. When we experience discomfort we begin to shift or move oftentimes, without clear direction. Our movement is reactionary. Patience is required for us to endure whatever challenges life brings. It is through patience that we build stamina and endurance. Our patience is tested daily at work, in relationships even with ourselves. It is through acquiring patience that we learn how to control our actions, reactions and emotions even when it causes discomfort to us.

Persistence: Persistence is having the resolve to stay on course. Once we conquer patience, persistence is what affords us the ability to reap the reward of all of our hard work. If we give up, if we give out, or if we keep changing course because of challenges we never reap the reward (your personal purpose, mission or goal) in which we seek.

Nerve: Of all the 3 qualities, this is my personal favorite. NERVE!  Why? Glad ya asked! Fear negates every action forward we take towards purpose. We are afraid of what people will say, think, or do. We are afraid of what we may lose instead of gain; we don’t speak from our hearts because of fear of being hurt. Whether we admit it or not, fear runs some aspect of our lives. Nerve is the ability for us to press forward with confidence, resilience, and passion toward our “work” in life.  A person who is cowardly lacks the conviction that they are worthy to be great, and accomplish great things.

 Today’s ReCode Message:

  • Impatience to Patience
  • Wavering to Persistence
  • Cowardly Actions & Thoughts to Nerve

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