Recently I started completing the Purple Book. It’s a simple workbook to promote reading and studying the bible. The first lesson the workbook covers is the story of Adam and Eve; frankly I didn’t expect to discover anything more than I already knew since I’ve been hearing this story in church since I was a kid. Boy was I wrong.  As part of my Life Application Bible it provides additional insight and background information for biblical characters and stories. One of study notes for Genesis was entitled “Satan’s Plan”. which  highlight 5 tactics listed below Satan uses to derail us on our path towards purpose and promise.

Satan’s Plan

  • Doubt: Makes you question God’s Word and his goodness
  • Discouragement: makes you look at your problems rather than at God
  • Diversion: Makes the wrong seems attractive so that you will want them or it more than the right things
  • Defeat: Makes you feel like a failure so that you don’t even try
  • Delay: Makes you put off doing something so that it never gets done

Whoa! This is a powerful revelation for our lives and expresses how impactful we all can be when operating in purpose and staying on the course God has ordained for our lives. When you get off course it’s like giving the enemy a “play date” with your life. From the beginning of time Satan has used temptation, & manipulation to steer God’s people off course..Why?? Because he knows how powerful we are and what world-changing impact we can have. The problem is we have trouble comprehending the greatness inside of us and he plays on this weakness using the aforementioned tactics.  We are all-powerful, we are all full of promise and we were created to do more than  simply Be..we are created to Do!

Today’s ReCode Message: ReCode from being Derailed, to Staying on course!


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