The People Factor

Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher ~ Oprah Winfrey

Today it’s all about the people factor! No matter how much you like or dislike them ,you need people. The right people can help catapult your success. In order to be successful you must be good with people. The common denominator in all leaders (good or bad) is their ability to motivate and rally people for a cause that results in change. No matter what your goal is in life, you must possess the charisma and ability to motivate others towards your cause. I feel fortunate to have a great supportive group of family and friends, but still recognize the importance of evaluating the purpose each person/relationship serves in my life. Some relationships are for seasons while others are meant to be lifelong.

Evaluating your inner circle may get  uncomfortable, but it is necessary that you have the right balance of people making deposits and withdrawals from your emotional bank (Ref. Stephen Covey 7 Habits of Highly Effective People).

Self Reflection Moment: Who are the people in your inner circle and what purpose do they serve in your life? (Write it down &  evaluate your list very 6 months)

The People Factor: Who’s in your Circle?

  • No Nonsenser: Doesn’t take a lot of mess, very practical, will stand with you and have your back
  • The Encourager/Motivator: Positive and believes in you whole heartedly
  • The Realist: Wants you to succeed but will look at the whole picture, fact based.
  • Fun Timer: Likes to have fun, and wants you to have fun. Work hard, play hard mentality.
  • The Philosopher: Looks at life in terms of value, reason, & thought have the ability to shed light at the most opportune times
  • Dramatist: Consistently have problems never a solution
  • The Prayer: Intercedes on your behalf, strong faith. Prays with you and for you no matter what
  • The User: Uses you for emotional withdrawals never makes an emotional deposit for you; keep these type of people around and you will become emotionally overdrawn
  • The Counselor: Listens, advises, non-judgmental

The people factor is also important because we subconsciously judge ourselves against the success of others especially those closest to us. This is where the equal or greater mindset comes in; meaning if we live a lifestyle similar or greater than our inner circle we tend to feel that we are doing well; or well enough. Truthfully we should continually seek out people who have achieved a certain accomplishment or level of success we have not. For example if you want to run a marathon, find someone who’s an accomplished runner, if you want to write a book, contact an author, if you want to start a business, find a successful entrepreneur. Don’t be afraid to reach out.  I’ve learned that people who have attained high levels of success don’t mind sharing their best practices, or allowing others to pick their brain. After all it’s a nice compliment regarding their success.

A Lesson from Tony Robbins:   As the story goes, Mark Victor Hansen was grieving to Tony Robbins about his less than desirable level of success. “I don’t understand it,” said Hansen. “I just can’t seem to get from where I am to where I want to be.” “Well, who are the people around you?” asked Robbins. “The thing is,” replied Hansen. “I’m hanging out with millionaires.” “That’s the problem,” declared Robbins. “You need to start hanging out with billionaires.”Mark Victor Hansen took Tony Robbins’ advice, and the rest is history. (Excerpt from Millionaire Secrets)

Today’s ReCode Message: ReCode from an unproductive crowd, to a productive crowd.


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