Impaired Vision

Vision is the art of seeing what’s invisible to others ~Jonathan Swift

     I am so overjoyed with the thought of writing this post I hardly know where to begin. This morning I was watching an episode of Super Soul Sunday and Iyanla Vazant was speaking about vision and its importance in everyone’s life. Her speech was very inspiring and filled with high energy and passion. The most profound moment came from her recalling a story of taking her grandson on a visit to the eye doctor. She went on to explain that her grandson wears glasses, and Iyanla proudly said she did not. At the time of the visit a special was running; a 2 for 1 eye exam which prompted Iyanla to get her eyes examined as well.   During her exam the doctor asked Iyanla where were her glasses? Iyanla recalled looking bewildered and saying I don’t wear glasses, I see perfectly fine. The doctor advised Iyanla that she had impaired vision and advised that what happens over time is that a person’s EYES WILL ADJUST TO THE LEVEL OF DEFICIENCY PRESENT.

WHOA! that’s a powerful statement for our lives. Many of us are walking around with impaired vision because we have trained ourselves to operate at a deficient level and think it’s ok. IT”S NOT OK!

    It’s not ok to merely do enough to get by in life.  It’s not ok to conform our vision and dreams because others squander them and are faithless, and it’s not ok to settle for anything less than what would make you fulfilled. So many of us in today’s world are operating at such a deficient state that when we see others who are  full of joy, happiness, inner peace, and rejoicing for others people look and say “what’s wrong with them, why are they so happy?” I am living proof because I have people ask me this at least 3-5 times a month.

     Oftentimes we adjust our visions, expectations, or desires because of self-inflicted deficiencies: I’m not good enough, not smart enough, not motivated enough, not pretty enough, not strong enough. For everyone who reads this posting  I want this  prophetic statement to reach you at the very core of  who you are and where you are in your life: you are smart enough, good enough, strong enough, motivated enough, wise enough,  to produce whatever greatness is inside of you..YOU ARE ENOUGH.  Stop letting the little green monsters of insecurity, fear and doubt run your life. You have the power and authority to be and do everything God desires for your life.

Self Check Moment: What deficiencies have I accepted as the norm?

Speak Up: Wherever you are say I Am Enough! Say it, Believe it, and Live it!

  If you know your purpose, and you have received deficiencies have I accepted as the norm?

Speak It Time:the vision for your life release fear and replace it with faith.  Faith the size of a mustard seed can move mountains.

Today’s ReCoded Message:

ReCode every ounce of fear doubt and insecurity to messages of strength, faith, courage & confidence.

Impaired vision will only take you so far, for so long; eventually, if it’s not overcome it will remain your truth and reality.


3 thoughts on “Impaired Vision

  1. Great post! It excites me to see the people of God spreading the message. We have to come alive and be a reflection of his light.

    We can light this dark world by spreading what is right.

    God Bless you in all that you do.

    • Hi Carl, thanks so much for your kind words of encouragment. I’m so glad we share in the same excitement of people living out God promises for their lives and sharing with world his greatness and goodness. We can light this dark world with faith, action and truth. I really appreciate your comment it helps me stay encouraged. Have a great one!

  2. It’s a great thing to be an encourager! I see that you have a good start your blog; I’m pretty new to blogging. Thank you for viewing my site!

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