A Lesson from the Garden of Life

The man who wins may have been counted out several times but he didn’t hear the referee” Jansen, H.E

I’ll admit I do not have a green thumb, so when my husband wanted to plant some flowers in our yard I wasn’t overly thrilled with the idea. Nevertheless, I knew it wouldn’t hurt anything so we decided to go for it!  After completion the flower patch was radiant; beaming with vibrant purples, whites and pinks and was exactly the feel we hoped to accomplish.

After about 3 months of enjoying the beautiful flowers, I noticed they were on the decline and gradually they all died, leaving only a patch of dust, crumbled dirt and weeds.    We tried to bring them back to life but all of our efforts seemed pointless.

A few days ago when pulling into the yard and to my surprise  I noticed 1 little flower trying to come back. I thought this was coincidental, but now many of the flowers are returning and making what seems to be a comeback. After noticing this I begin to think about the number of people who may have been counted out at various times in life, and wanted to let readers know  that you too can make a comeback!

Here are 7 tips to help stay motivated toward the goals you wish to accomplish:

  1. Remove negative Influences & People
  2. Get out of your comfort zone, try  and experience something new
  3. Keep a gratitude journal and go back and read all the things, people, events etc you are thankful for (Thanks Oprah!)
  4. Make a conscious effort to say affirming statements when you feel negative energy and thoughts arising
  5. Give yourself a break! Take a moment to breathe and be present in the moment
  6. Take a day (more if feasible) to do only the things that make you feel ALIVE and filled with purpose anything from writing to creating a business plan
  7. Lend a Helping Hand: There is no greater feeling than knowing you made a difference in someone’s life.

These practical and easy solutions can help you regain the traction you need to stay encouraged and motivated in your pursuit of purpose. Friends, family, partners, enemies, haters, can all count you out! But it’s up to you to make the comeback, just like the flowers in my garden.

ReCode today from a decline to the COMEBACK!


Yakima M. Green

Encourager of People



4 thoughts on “A Lesson from the Garden of Life

  1. Thank you! Life is defnitely about experience. You are all about getting out and enjoying those experiences I see through your photography it’s beautiful. Nature offers so much inspiration if we just take the time to look

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